Herp Society And State Cooperate

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Herp Society And State Cooperate

Maine Herpetological Society expands state unrestricted-species list by 43 species.

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The Maine Herpetological Society achieved a long-term goal in August: The group helped to expand the list of reptiles and amphibians that Maine herpers can keep.

For years, the list of allowed species in the state was limited despite efforts to get more commonly available herp species approved under state wildlife regulations. This past spring, Maine Herp Society, aided by the U.S. Association of Reptile Keepers, approached the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife hoping to amend the unrestricted list.


Meetings resulted. Maine Herp Society directors provided a timeline of activities to show that it had been five years since any change had been considered. An agreement was made that the MHS would provide $1,000 for the MDIFW to research the addition of 50 named species. Upon review, the unrestricted list grew by 43 species and five genera.

This is a major change for local herpers, and a hopeful sign for herpkeepers everywhere. Through partnerships and compromise, we can reach a common goal.