Frilled Lizards With Scott Corning

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Frilled Lizards With Scott Corning

Scott Corning guests on the Pet Radio Show to talk about frilled lizards.

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Scott Corning, contributing writer for REPTILES magazine talks about frilled lizards on the Pet Radio Show hosted by Robert Hudson.


Frilled lizard

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Frilled lizard. 

Corning is a herpetoculturist with more than 23 years experience breeding reptiles. He specializes in lizards of the Agamidae and Iguanidae families, with a special focus on lesser known, more advanced species. Visit his website at

Frilled lizards or frilled dragons (Chlamydosaurus kingiiare) are of the family Agamidae and come from Australia and New Guinea. The Australian species grow to about 3 feet in length, while the New Guinea species attain a length of about 2 feet, two thirds of which is the tail for both species. Females are smaller. They are an interesting species and are an ideal reptile for the advanced enthusiast.