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Florida Senate Bill 318 Tightens Reptile Regulations

Florida Senate Bill 318 effectively bans the keeping of reptiles of concern.

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Yesterday, Florida Governor Charlie Crist signed Senate Bill 318, effectively banning the keeping of reptiles of concern in Florida. The new regulations go into effect July 1, 2010, and affect the keeping, breeding, selling and importation of the following species:

  1. Burmese or Indian python (Python molurus)
  2. Reticulated python (Python reticulatus)
  3. African rock python (Python sebae)
  4. Amethystine or scrub python (Morelia amethystinus)
  5. Anaconda (Eunectes)
  6. Nile monitor (Varanus niloticus)
  7. Any other reptile designated as a reptile of concern by the commission

Until now, the state of Florida has allowed the keeping of the above listed reptiles with proper permits. Those who obtain a permit before the July 1, 2010, deadline will be able to keep their animal for the remainder of its life. Herpkeepers with an anaconda (other than a green anaconda) will have until October 1, 2010, to get a permit. After these deadlines, no more permits will be given out and the possession of these reptiles without permits will not be allowed.


For more information, read S.B. 318.