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Editors Conduct Reptile Presentation

ReptileChannel and REPTILES magazine editors will be presenting “Ready for Reptiles?” on April 17 to 19.

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The America’s Family Pet Expo, held on April 17 to 19, is an annual pet extravaganza that takes place in Costa Mesa, Calif. The expo features many types of pets, from dogs and cats to alpacas and reptiles. Clubs, manufacturers, animal breeders and many other pet organizations will be participating. 

Featured this year is “Ready for Reptiles?” a 30-minute presentation aimed at the beginner reptile enthusiast, which will teach attendees how to approach the reptilekeeping hobby in the best way. Conducting the presentation will be Ben Weiner, associate web editor of ReptileChannel, and Eric Syverson, associate editor of REPTILES magazine. Russ Case, the editor of REPTILES and ReptileChannel, will also be on hand Friday and Saturday. Live reptiles and amphibians are scheduled to appear, courtesy of Prehistoric Pets. 


“Ready for Reptiles?” will be held in Building 10 at 11 a.m. Friday, Saturday and Sunday. For expo information, including events, exhibitor listings, directions and admission prices, go here.

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