CrocFest 2018 Raises $40,000 For Gharial Conservation

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CrocFest 2018 Raises $40,000 For Gharial Conservation

CrocFest 2018 raised quite a lot of money toward conservation issues.

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CrocFest 2018

Reptile conservation outreach is often organized by the private sector. They collaborate with various organizations, and these events are vital for conservation outreach and fundraising, such as the CrocFest held in Florida every year. The event is dedicated to Crocodilian conservation and research, and every year they highlight and raise awareness and funds for different Crocodilian species. The funds raised from CrocFest​ are 100 percent donated into the conservation and protection of Crocodilians around the world. Their recent event on December 08, 2018 at GATORAMA in Palmdale, Florida, was organized for the conservation of the Indian Gharial, a critically endangered crocodile from India. 

Crocfest sponsors for this years event included Zoo Miami, Zila, Zoo Med, Timberline, Reptile Industries, San Antonio Zoo, Bronx Zoo, Zoo Tampa, Omaha’s Henry Doorly Zoo, Brevard Zoo, Mote Aquarium, and Alligator Adventure to name a few. With Conservation events like CrocFest​, many organizations come together to support a good cause. 


Gharial Conservation 

Crocfest 2018

With the dedicated work of sponsors, volunteers, organizers and staff, the event was able to raise $40,000 for Gharial conservation. At the event, animal interactions, conservation speakers, and unique auction items were available for the $10 admission price.

The auction, which included reptile items, art pieces, clothing, live animals, and more, was very successful.


The event hosted hundreds of people including scientists, doctors, conservationists, and reptile enthusiasts.

Events like CrocFest raise awareness while bringing together a community that doesn't always have the chance to get together. These events are key for networking and awareness, all while being for a great cause. Reptile conservation is dependent on organizations and collaborations such as this, for successful events to raise awareness for reptiles on the brink of extinction. 

The next CrocFest is set for June 8, 2019 at Zoo Miami. The species highlighted for the 2019 event has not yet been released. If you'd like to support or learn more about this organization and event, visit their Facebook page here.