Breeder’s Choice: Candy-Striped Brazilian Rainbow Boa

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Breeder’s Choice: Candy-Striped Brazilian Rainbow Boa

Epicrates cenchria cenchria

March 2011 Editor's Note
Reptiles Magazine 0809
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Dave Colling, Rainbowsrus,



Breeder Comments

“When the litter was born on October 8, I was in for the shock of my breeding career. Not only were there babies that exhibited the same visual patterns as the parents, but there were several with a never-before-seen level of striping and color. Full dorsal striping, not just connecting of dorsal patterns. The lateral patterns were also connected and jumbled. The head patterns are mostly gone and almost all black, and lastly, the tongues are pink. I have not seen any of these visual traits in any other BRB, ever. I have named the trait candy striped, and I believe it to be incomplete dominant where the original linked dorsal patterns are the heterozygous expression of the trait and the fully-striped ones are the homozygous expression. Of course, breeding trials will need to be done to prove the method of inheritance.”