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Blunt-Headed Tree Snake Breeding Information

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The blunt-headed tree snake has rarely (if ever) been reproduced in captivity, most likely as a result of a lack of imported specimens and a lack of interest. These snakes appear to have an extended breeding season in the wild, depending upon their point of origination. I have been fortunate enough to have eggs laid in July from a wild-caught Honduran female; they hatched approximately six weeks later.

Clutch size averages two to three eggs, with a maximum of about eight. I say “about” eight, as Ditmars attests to an individual in captivity that regularly laid from 10 to 12 infertile eggs under a strip of bark in its cage. Who knows? Juveniles are approximately 14 inches in total length and should be set up in a similar manner as the adults. Sexual maturity is reached at 2 years old.