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Blunt-Headed Tree Snake Breeding Information

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The right side of my reptile's mouth, under the chin, has become swollen. His mouth is seeping pus that is slightly pink. What is it?
Reptiles Magazine 1110
Reptiles Usa 2010

The blunt-headed tree snake has rarely (if ever) been reproduced in captivity, most likely as a result of a lack of imported specimens and a lack of interest. These snakes appear to have an extended breeding season in the wild, depending upon their point of origination. I have been fortunate enough to have eggs laid in July from a wild-caught Honduran female; they hatched approximately six weeks later.

Clutch size averages two to three eggs, with a maximum of about eight. I say “about” eight, as Ditmars attests to an individual in captivity that regularly laid from 10 to 12 infertile eggs under a strip of bark in its cage. Who knows? Juveniles are approximately 14 inches in total length and should be set up in a similar manner as the adults. Sexual maturity is reached at 2 years old.