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August 2010 Editor's Note

Dart frogs hit the bull's-eye.

Precious And Tiny
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One type of herp that has grown in popularity is the dart frog. I remember when it was a rare treat to find them. Now they’re increasingly common at reptile expos, where they usually receive a lot of attention. They’re still a treat to see. Some people like them not just because of their considerable beauty, but because their small size allows them to be kept in smaller terrariums. This makes them ideal for people who don’t have much space. Before you go keeping a bunch together in a too-small terrarium, though, know that dart frogs can be very territorial.

In his article, “Tiny Gems," Patrick Nabors discusses “thumbnail” dart frogs. These are a subcategory of smaller-than-normal dart frogs. Dart frogs aren’t exactly huge to begin with, so you can imagine how teeny the thumbnail versions can be. According to Patrick, some don’t even grow as large as their namesake. Naturally, thumbnail dart frogs, like all dart frogs, should be considered display animals only. Read Patrick’s article for expert care tips.


Dart frogs, poison frogs or arrow frogs — by any name, they’re always beautiful!