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April 2011 Editor's Note

Must-Have Reptile Lighting Information

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When you consider the differences between keeping reptiles today versus keeping them years ago, it’s impossible not to be impressed with how far the hobby has come. When purchasing a new pet, it’s comforting to know that the chance of being able to keep it alive and healthy is so vastly improved over the time when it was a long shot that it would live to spend even one year in your care.

There are many sources to credit for making this possible. Of course, I’ll mention the fact that knowledge is much more widely available, through books and the magazine you are now holding, to name only two sources. The Internet, though unmonitored and sometimes iffy, does offer help, too, as long as you’re careful about the source providing advice upon which you may be basing some care decisions.


Let’s face it, though: All the knowledge in the world would be useless without the proper equipment. Today’s reptile products play a crucial role in proper pet care, and lighting products are among the most important. In this issue you will find two features about reptile lighting. One explains why lighting is important, and the other is a buyer’s guide to help you make your purchasing decisions.

Don’t skimp on reptile lights — they can prolong your pet’s life span!