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April 2010 Editor's Note

Free AVS books if you take our survey!

Cane Toads May Be Less Of A Threat
Python Ban
Breeder's Choice: Tessera Blood-Red Corn Snake

We here at REPTILES do care what our readers think, and to prove it, we sometimes run reader surveys. This issue we’re running a big two-pager, so we can gather some information from you in regard to your reptile-related (as well as REPTILES-related) likes and dislikes. We’ll use the results from this survey when planning future issues, as well as directions in which we may want to take REPTILES.

The survey can be found on page 49. While I don’t like to beg unless absolutely necessary, I do hope you will take the survey. It doesn’t take long. If you noticed the title of this editorial, by taking the survey you stand to receive some free reptilekeeping books from the Advanced Vivarium Systems roster of Herpetocultural Library books. People who send us a completed survey will be entered into a raffle, and 10 will win a selection of AVS books.


The Herpetocultural Libary books are considered pedigreed titles in the reptile publishing world. They were begun by renowned herpetoculturalist Philippe de Vosjoli, who still writes some on occasion, and any would be a great addition to any herper’s libary.