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Submit a photo of you or a family member with your reptile or amphibian

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Animal Network's “The Year in Pets” Photo Contest

Submit a photo of you or family member with your reptile or amphibian


Before we put 2011 behind us, join Animal Network in looking back on the wonderful year you've had with your pets – and win prizes, too!

To kick off 2012, AnimalNetwork.com is hosting “The Year in Pets” photo contest, culminating in the presentation of six special slideshows, each dedicated to remembering special moments with your pets during 2011. Each slideshow will be dedicated to a specific type of pet.

Go here to submit a 2011 photo of you or a family member, along with a pet reptile or amphibian, for possible inclusion in the Animal Network reptile slideshow. Anyone who submits a photo by 11:59 PST, November 29, 2011, will receive 100 Club Reptile reward points (see disclaimer below for submission guidelines).

After the deadline, ReptileChannel editors will select a number of photos to appear in the reptile slideshow. If your photo is selected, in addition to receiving the 100 Club Reptile Reward Points, you will be entered into a raffle in which one winner will be chosen at random to win a $50 gift card.

The other five slideshows will feature pet birds; cats; dogs; horses and small animals, such as hamsters, rabbits, ferrets, etc. Six slideshows means six raffles, so if you have a variety of pets, enter as many of the six photo contests as you want to increase your chance of winning!


The slideshows will debut on Animal Network on January 9, 2012, and the six raffle winners will be notified via e-mail soon after.

ReptileChannel, together with Animal Network, wishes you and your pets a Happy New Year, and we look forward to seeing some great entries for “The Year in Pets” photo contest!

Disclaimer: Only one raffle prize will be awarded per winner. By submitting photographs, you certify that they are your property, that you own the animal(s) in the photographs, and that you have the permission of any people pictured in the photographs to enter them into the contest. After submission, photos become the property of BowTie Inc. Minors who are submitting photos, as well as adults who are submitting photos of minors, must fill out this form to be eligible. Editors reserve the right to disqualify photos and withhold reward points for any reason, including but not limited to, obscene or questionable content, including apparent mistreatment of animals, and poor image quality. Contest deadline is 11:59 p.m., PST, November 29, 2011. No late entries will be accepted.