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A Reptile Blog First And Foremost

But once a week, a blog about something else.

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For awhile now I’ve been writing a lot of blogs about reptiles. I don’t know offhand how many. At first they were weekly. Then they were daily. When having to crank out a daily blog in addition to all my other work duties threatened to cause my head to explode, I’ve since settled into a three-times-a-week blog, which I’ve been enjoying.

I think many of you have been, too. Happily, “Random Neural Firings” has proven to be quite popular. I kid you not…thousands of people have been reading RNF every month. Just verified at a staff meeting last week was that my blog is by far the most popular BowTie blog. I’m very proud of this, and have all of you to thank. Not just those of you who kindly leave comments, which are always great to see, but the many others who are reading and not leaving comments. So…thanks everybody! It’s nice to know that the risk I take of offending people or looking foolish three times a week is paying off!


So here I’ve been, puttering along, writing about reptiles three times a week. Did you notice last week, though, when I wrote a blog about horror movies for Halloween? I waited with baited breath after writing that blog, to see if anyone hated what I had done. But I didn’t see any hate messages, and the comments that were left were positive.

I really enjoyed writing that blog, and once I saw that the Halloween movie blog wasn’t going to result in people storming my office with pitchforks and torches I realized it might be fun to devote my weekly Friday blog to another topic – a movie review, for instance. I see a lot of movies, and it would be fun to foist my opinion about them on to you. After all, my guess is that the percentage of reptile fans who like movies would be about the same percentage as normal humans who do. (The foregoing statement is meant to be an ironic reference to a 

previous blog regarding the fact that many people continue to assume reptile owners are weirdos. I personally do not subscribe to this theory.)

Maybe I can touch on other topics in my Friday non-reptile blog, too. For instance, a lot of people have asked me what it’s like to have Lasik surgery, which I had four months ago. They’re curious about whether or not I thought it was a good idea, and if I was happy with it. So maybe that could be a blog topic someday.


There is an ulterior motive to this change, other than keeping me entertained. The goal is always to spread the word about ReptileChannel. My non-reptile blog is going to also be hosted elsewhere on the Internet, which will give us the opportunity to let increasing numbers of people learn about ReptileChannel.

Please don’t think that reptiles are going to be neglected here. “Random Neural Firings” will always be, first and foremost, a blog about reptiles, the people who love reptiles, and the reptile industry. But starting with this Friday’s blog, I hope you’ll find that movie reviews, and maybe other topics, can add a fun new wrinkle to “Random Neural Firings.” I hope you’ll stick with me. Let me know what you think!

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