Welcome Our New ReptileChannel Blogger


Welcome Our New ReptileChannel Blogger

By Russ Case

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Andrew Wyatt
Andrew Wyatt, President of USARK, is helming ReptileChannel’s new blog, “The Reptile Nation.”

A regular topic here in “Random Neural Firings” is the myriad goings-on within the legislative world that could affect the reptilekeeping hobby. Bills such as HR669S373 and other hot-button topics with reptile relevance have all been discussed here. The fact is that lately more than ever, assorted groups have been attempting to push through their agenda to limit or ban the keeping of pet reptiles.

In reporting on these issues I have often mentioned both PIJAC (Pet Industry Joint Advisory Council) and USARK (United States Association of Reptile Keepers). Both of these organizations do a lot to alert us to Congressional shenanigans that relate to our hobby.


It is in regard to USARK that I write today. In case you haven’t noticed already, we have a new blogger here on ReptileChannel. Andrew Wyatt, the president of USARK, is manning our brand-new blog, “The Reptile Nation.” The Reptile Nation is a collective term being used to describe people who advocate the keeping of pet reptiles and amphibians. Andrew is at the forefront of the ongoing battles to regulate – or end altogether – this hobby. He has his finger on the pulse of the legislative world, and I thought a ReptileChannel blog devoted to this topic would provide an excellent opportunity to keep you aware of what was going on that could someday affect your herpkeeping interests. Legislation is an increasingly important topic for reptile enthusiasts, and I’m happy Andrew accepted my offer to blog here.

Are you a member of the Reptile Nation? I’m guessing you are, and you should definitely read Andrew’s blog regularly so you’re in the know. The primary focus will be to inform you of legal efforts that are afoot, but Andrew’s been around reptiles for many years, he’s kept them and he has traveled to interesting places. So the tone of his blog will sometimes be urgent and political, and other times it may be more along the lines of interesting times he’s had or people he’s met who are involved in the reptilian world.

As is true any time we introduce something new, whether on ReptileChannel or in REPTILES magazine, I’m excited at the prospects. If you haven’t already, click on over to “The Reptile Nation” to read Andrew’s introduction. I hope you come away intrigued, and looking forward to future installments. And welcome aboard, Andrew!

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