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The Pale-Headed Skink

The pale-headed skink is a terrestrial skink that likes to bask.

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Distribution: Papua New Guinea endemic.

Habitat: Coconut plantations and both lowland and montane rainforests.


Diet: Small arthropods.

Max. length: 36-40 mm SVL.

Reproductive strategy: Oviparous with clutches of two eggs.

The pale-headed skink is a terrestrial skink that likes to bask. The flanks are dark brown to black, separated from the pale back by a well-defined whitish stripe.

Two subspecies are recognized:


E. p. pallidiceps: Madang Province to southeastern Papua New Guinea

E. p. mehelyi: Madang and East Sepik Provinces

The subspecies of Karkar Island is the northern pale-headed skink (E. p. mehelyi).

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