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The Jobi Skink

Check out the jobi skink.

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Distribution: Eastern Indonesia, Papua New Guinea and Solomon Islands.

Habitat: Coconut plantations and rainforests.


Diet: Presumably small arthropods.

Max. length: 116 mm SVL (200 mm TL).

Reproductive strategy: Oviparous with clutches of a single egg.

The Jobi skink, named for Jobi Island to the northwest of New Guinea, is a large, wide-ranging species complex potentially containing several genetic but morphologically confusing species. This large skink belongs to the variegatus-group of genus Sphenomorphus, which possess longer, better developed limbs and stouter bodies than the slender, short-limbed skinks in the fasciatus-group. Only occasional specimens of Jobi skink were found inside the husk piles.

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