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The Give Thanks For Reptiles Contest!

With Thanksgiving fast approaching, take a moment to explain why you give thanks for the existence of something or someone that has rocked your reptile world.

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Here’s what Evelyn is thankful for:


I'm thankful for Maddie. She was my first leopard gecko, in fact my first reptile ever. In a time where I was pretty lonely, I got her. I was renting a room from a lady that was really quiet and didn't like conversation, or TV. I am quite the opposite.
So my mom suggested I get a turtle to give me something to love and care for, that was quiet so my landlady didn't know. I went to the petshop that afternoon and picked up a leopard gecko instead. Maddie the leopard gecko was the doorway to my passion and addiction for reptiles. She kept me from being lonely. Thank you to all my wonderful reptiles who keep me on my toes. Thank you to Maddie, who is passed away now, for that great time together.

We here at ReptileChannel are thankful for all the great herpers who visit our site, and especially to everyone who entered the contest. The response was fantastic, and we can tell that all of you care very passionately for reptiles! Thank you all for sharing your comments!


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Bob the Thanksgiving Beardie
Bob the Thanksgiving Beardie

With Thanksgiving fast approaching, take a moment to post a comment below explaining why you give thanks for the existence of something or someone that has rocked your reptile world. This might be a cherished reptile pet or a favorite type of wild herp; a reptile-related organization or business (perhaps even including – HINT HINT – a certain reptile magazine); a favorite reptile expo; a fellow reptile fan, family member or other reptile mentor; a favorite wild herping destination; or anything or anyone else that has made an impression and will forever be near and dear to your reptile-loving heart!

Those who post eligible comments below will automatically be entered into a raffle, and one winner will get to choose one of the following FREE prizes!


1. A complete set of 2009 REPTILES back issues, or
2. a copy of the book Exotic Pets Handbook, which focuses mostly on herps, but has a chapter on invertebrates, as well.

So give thanks by posting your comment today! Please post only one per person. Include your e-mail in the e-mail field of your comment so we can contact you if you win (this is not visible to the public). The contest ends at 11:59 p.m. PST on Wednesday, November 25. Good luck, and thanks to you, too!