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Senior Pet Health Script

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Hi, I’m [your name] and this is [your animal’s name (if you include him/her in the video)] from [your city and state].

September is senior pet health month, so it serves as a good reminder that senior animals have special health needs. They also require special care.


The first step is learning the age when your dog, cat, reptile, critter, barnyard animal or other family pet becomes a senior.

The following are some good tips to keep in mind once your animal companion gets into its senior years:

Tip 1:  Most senior pets require special dietary needs to keep them healthy.
Tip 2:  Exercise is still important. In fact, it’s more important than ever to avert health problems like arthritis and obesity.
Tip 3:  Senior animals are more likely to develop medical problems. Regular vet checkups, along with daily monitoring, can help keep them well.

And don’t forget, your pet has lived a long, full life, which couldn’t have been done without you.

So whether you have a 2-year-old hamster, a 70-year-old tortoise or anything in between, make sure you’re taking good care of your senior animal.


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