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Check out what’s inside the July 2006 issue of Reptiles magazine.

Herper Headshotz – Tony Escobar
Nutritional Secondary Hyperparathyroidism In Reptiles
Breeder’s Choice – Green tree monitor


This Month:
June 2006



The Simplest Chameleon Cage You’ll Ever Build
A chameleon farmer shares the ins and outs of caging your chameleon. Learn how to successfully simulate your chameleon’s natural habitat, build your own tube cage and more.


By Linda J. Davison


Blackheads: Monarchs from Down Under
This mysterious black-headed python makes its home in Australia’s Outback. The highly-adaptive monarch can survive various climates and slithers around such habitats as deserts, subtropical forests and savannas.

By Matt and Nicci Turner, and Jim Sargent


A Unique Home for Arboreal Snakes
One herp owner tells all about converting an old dresser into arboreal herp housing. He also shows you how to construct your own that’s perfect for snakes and chameleons.
By Jeremy Muis


Species Profile: Fire Skink
By Billy Griswold, DVM



Design Your Own “Frogtastic Falls”
Dig it! Water features in frog ponds can attract native species. Here’s how to make your own—aquascaping and all.
By Rex Lee Searcey



How to Make an In-Ground Turtle Pen
Outdoor housing is more ideal for turtles, yet poses a challenge to herp owners. We provide layman’s instructions on creating an in-ground pen your turtle will be proud to call home.

By Tim Spuckler








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