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Reptiles Magazine 0501

Check out what’s inside the January 2005 issue of Reptiles magazine.

Morelet’s Crocodile Removed From Endangered Species List
Reptiles Magazine 0802
Breeder’s Choice – Albino Carpet python


This month:
December 2004




Desert Tortoise Adoption Primer
It’s illegal to take these tortoises from the wild, but you can legally adopt them at adoption centers.
By Audrey Pavia

Say Hello to the Caecilians
Learn how to keep these seldom-seen and somewhat mysterious amphibians that resemble large earthworms.
By Danté Fenolio

On the Trail of Acrantophis
Uncovering the natural rhythms of Dumeril’s and Madagascar ground boas.
By Bill Love

Captive Husbandry of Madagascar’s Ground Boas
This Dumeril’s boa breeder provides care tips for both Acrantophis species, as well as descriptions of his breeding methods.
By Stephen Hammack

Cold-Blooded Careers
Want a job working with reptiles? Here’s how to get started toward six herp-related professions.
By Tom Barthel
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