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Reptiles Magazine 0410

Check out what’s inside the October 2004 issue of Reptiles magazine.

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This month:
September 2004




Venomous Reptiles and the Law
Knowing the legalities of owning venomous so you don’t get bit.
By Brett E. Nelson

Venom 1 to the Rescue!
This Miami-Dade emergency rescue team is often the first line of attack against Florida snakebites.
By Michael Garlock

The Husbandry and Breeding of Death Adders
Their bite can be deadly, but these snakes adjust well to captivity.
By Raymond Hoser

Life on the Rocks
Colorful and fascinating, speckled rattlesnakes represent one of the best choices to test the skill of advanced keepers.
By Bob Gaulden

The kaleidoscopic quality of the eyelash viper does much to boost its appeal.
By John Hollister


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Poison Dart Frogs Hit the Bull’s-Eye
They’re not as dangerous as their common name implies.
By Richard Revis


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