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Reptiles Magazine 0409

Check out what’s inside the September 2004 issue of Reptiles magazine.

Coon Rapids Snake Breeder Appeals 2010 Snake Ban
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George W. Folkerts


This month:
August 2004

Toads in Trouble
The Wyoming toad gets a little help from its friends.
By Clay Jackson
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They Are What They Eat
Gut loading and dusting feeder insects results in healthier foods.
By Edward Kowalski

The Snapper Mystique
Raising common and alligator snappers from egg to adulthood.
By John Richards


Reptile Keeping: An Evolving Hobby
Eleven reptile professionals discuss changes in reptile-keeping trends.
By Kara Sutton-Jones

Snakes of the Poconos
Some are common, some are threatened, but any herper would appreciate an encounter with these Pennsylvania natives.
By John Serrao


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