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Check out what’s inside the August 2004 issue of Reptiles magazine.

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Herper Headshotz – Mike Monge
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This month:
July 2004

The Winners of the First-Ever REPTILES Magazine Reader Tattoo Contest

A Brief Look at Taxonomy
Discover the thought processes behind those sometimes confusing Latin names.
By Shawn R. Lockhart

The Great Pretender
Meet some of North America’s most personable serpents: the hog-nosed snakes (Heterodon spp.).
By Richard Evans

The Frogs of Nandroya
Aussie herpers roll up their sleeves to help Queensland’s disappearing frogs.
Article and Photos by Michael Anthony


An Awesome Aussie 
Enter the world of womas with this handy care and breeding guide.
Article by Michael Plank


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