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Reptiles Magazine 0404

Check out what’s inside the April 2004 issue of Reptiles magazine.

You Know You’re Really Into Reptiles When…Part 3
Breeder’s Choice – Gray-Banded Kingsnake
Animal Network's


This month:
April 2004

Open Up and Say Aah!
Giving your pets regular physical exams can prevent disaster.


The Greatest Shows on Earth 
Veteran herpers offer advice about how to get the most out of a herp show.

“Mini” Boas
Dwarf forms of Boa constrictor imperator offer manageable alternatives to their larger relatives. 

On the Trail of Giant River Turtles
South American and Asian river turtles are fighting for their lives, but there are efforts underway to help them.

Join the Greek Fraternity 
This guide makes keeping these mellow chelonians easier than ever


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