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ReptileChannel Halloween Scavenger Hunt

Click through the pages of ReptileChannel and search for the five halloween themed reptile pics for a chance to win great prizes.

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Reptile Channel Halloween Scavenger Hunt


Welcome to the ReptileChannel Halloween Scavenger Hunt Winners’ Page!


Congratulations to the following winners. They have each won a great prize bundle featuring the prizes below.




Thanks to all who participated!



Ultra-Light Mini Hook
Midwest Tongs Ultra-Light Mini Hook
(24 inch | Less than 1 ounce)
Midwest’s new Ultra-light Mini Hook is a precision machined snake handling tool. Aircraft grade aluminum and close tolerance machining make this high quality tool the perfect choice for difficult snakes. The textured rubber grip can double as a casual pinner for non-venomous snakes. The Midwest Mini should be an extremely popular choice for home and professional use.
Tarantulas and Scorpions in Captivity
Professional Breeders Series: Tarantulas & Scorpions in Captivity by Russ Gurley
With this title the PBS Series offers the reader two books for the price of one. It is organized with two seperate sections. The first on the captive care of Tarantulas including 16 specific individual species accounts and the second on Scorpions in Captivity with 10 species accounts.
Groovy Jacuzzi
Fluker’s Groovy Jacuzzi
The Groovy Jacuzzi actually sits down in the substrate and has a lip around the outer edge to prevent substrate from falling in. The added steps create easy access in and out of the bowl. The Groovy Jacuzzi is available in 4 different sizes with 4 color schemes to choose from.
Eco Scorpion Embroidered Cap ECO Embroidered Cap 
Scorpion or Red Knee Tarantula cap. These caps are greenish-khaki, 100% cotton preshrunk, with a fully adjustable brass buckle.