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PIJAC Herp Alerts

PIJAC launches Herp Alerts page.

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PIJAC has launched a new Herp Alerts page on its website that announces the latest happenings with regard to the herp hobby and industry.

The page has the latest news on the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service request for information on boas, pythons and anacondas. It also discusses what PIJAC is doing and how interested individuals can submit their comments.


The page also announces the expansion of PIJAC’s Reptile and Amphibian Committee.

The committee, which is chaired by Bill Brant of The Gourmet Rodent and vice chaired by Kamuran Tepedelen of Bushmaster Reptiles, will address invasive species issues and the pending USFWS request for information.

Please click here to visit the Herps Alert page.