October 2011 Editor's Note

Many Reasons to "Like" Us on Facebook!

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See the box below this editorial, about Henry Alvarado winning a free REPTILES subscription because he's a REPTILES Facebook fan? I give a free sub away every month to a Facebook fan. I'll often hold special contests for Facebook fans, too, with winners getting a cool book or other prizes.

Free stuff isn't the only reason you should consider "liking" the REPTILES Facebook page (which you can do easily by going to www.facebook.com/reptilesmagazine). There's also a strong sense of community. I'm often interacting with people on there, and they interact with each other a lot, posting photos of their reptiles, interesting links and other stuff they want to share. They're always trying to help one another. If questions are posted,  I or fellow Facebookers will often be able to provide some help. REPTILES' website, ReptileChannel.com, comes in handy in this regard, as I can often find something there that is relevant to a Facebook fan's question, and I will provide a link directly to the needed info.


We have Facebook fans of all ages, and it's fun learning what motivates them, and the kinds of animals that interest them.  Facebook has even helped me recruit new writers for REPTILES, after I "met"them  on our page. So Facebook has helped me do my job, too!

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