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May 2010 Editor’s Note

Blogs, Facebook, Twitter

Herper Headshotz – Kathy Love
April 2010 Editor's Note
Gulf Of Mexico Oil Spill’s Impact On Wildlife

The proliferation of websites and the never-ending pursuit of website visitors has added an interesting wrinkle to the business world. I find myself increasingly involved in website pursuits. Planning for REPTILES’companion website, ReptileChannel.com, of course, demands a lot of my attention, but Facebook and Twitter are also on my radar these days.

I remember when my job consisted primarily of planning what articles would run in this magazine, finding authors to write them and editing the articles once they arrived. These duties, of course, remain a crucial part of my job, but I also frequently write blogs on ReptileChannel.com and interact with fans on the REPTILES Facebook page. Twitter, too, demands occasional tweets from yours truly. This is all new within the past year or so.


If you aren’t a fan of REPTILES on Facebook yet, consider becoming one. It’s a fun FB page with a lot of activity. I hold Facebook-only contests, and I also give away a free REPTILES subscription once a month to a Facebook fan. Go to Facebook.com/ReptilesMagazine to check it out.