March 2011 Editor's Note

Thank Facebook for the Dumeril’s article.

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Whether you are one of the legions of people who are addicted to Facebook or one who steadfastly refuses to jump onboard the Facebook bandwagon (or become a Facebook zombie, as some may say), there’s no denying that the social networking site is influencing not just people’s personal lives, but also business in a far-reaching way.

I noodle around with three Facebook pages: my own personal page, my “Russ Case, Editor of REPTILES” page, and I also moderate the REPTILES magazine Facebook page. I spend most of my time on the latter. It’s a great avenue for interacting with reptile hobbyists of all ages. It’s fun, and I even give away free subscriptions, books and other prizes — all the Facebook fans seem to like that!


In regard to the Dumeril’s boa article, we had been searching for a breeder to write one for quite some time. It was a species for which we had received a number of article requests, but for some reason we were unlucky in finding an author. Then I came upon Pat Higdon, who was one of our Facebook fans, and I learned that he was breeding Dumeril’s boas. One thing led to another, and at long last we’ve got a new article about these popular boas — and all thanks to Facebook!

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