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Green Treefrog

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Green treefrogs, as their common name implies, are bright green with a lighter colored, usually white or cream, abdomen. They also have an off-white lateral line that typically runs from the lower jawbone to the groin area, but can be variable in length. Many individuals also have bright yellow spots scattered across the dorsum. Green treefrogs can live 10 to 15 years in captivity, given proper care. A 5 or 10 gallon aquarium works very well as the basic cage. A substrate of dampened paper towels, although not the most aesthetically pleasing, is inexpensive and easy to clean. Other more natural substrates can be used as well, such as Hydroton and Coco Coir, peat moss or soil. Fiberglass screening should be used to separate the Hydroton and soil layers in order to maintain proper drainage. A shallow bowl of fresh spring water should be provided so that the animal maintains proper hydration. A live plant can be used as a hiding place, and will also help to maintain proper humidity within the cage. Crickets make a good staple food item. Supplement these with small mealworms, and small silk moth larvae. Green treefrogs have a voracious appetite and can become obese if overfed. Gut loading crickets with a large variety of vegetables and commercial cricket food is a good way to provide nutritious food items. A vitamin/mineral supplement is also a good idea with this species, especially for younger animals still undergoing periods of rapid growth. This will serve to maintain the health of the animals’ skeletal system.



These frogs prefer moist areas and are typically encountered in slow-moving streams, swamps, ponds and artificial water bodies. They are commonly seen throughout their range, as they will often congregate beneath porch lights and the like to feed on insects and other invertebrates.


The green treefrog is found throughout much of the southern United States westward to east-central Texas.

Scientific Name: Hyla cinerea
Species Group: frog
Family: Hylidae
Size: Adult green treefrogs can grow up to 2½ inches in total length.
Level: beginner
Weight: N/A
Dangerous: No

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