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July 2011 Editor's Note

Weird is Wonderful

Breeder’s Choice – Kenyan Sand Boa
Australian Snake Can Eat Toxic Frogs
Herper Headshotz – David Kemp

I’m a big fan of weird. Weird friends, weird coworkers (oh, we have them), weird relatives (have twice the number of those), and best of all, weird pets. As you flip through this month’s issue, ask yourself the following: What has spines and a huge appetite, and looks like a nudibranch stuffed into half of an oyster shell? If you answered the matamata, you might just like weird as much as we do. Turn to page 20 and read all about these fascinating chelonians.

If turtles aren’t your thing (you freak), check out the vibrant and appealing red-tailed green rat snake, complete with blue tongue, on page 38. These cool serpents are relatively easy to keep and just as easy on the eyes.


And for travelers eager to find something weird in the wild, grab your kayak and paddle over to the Channel Islands for an adventure with Chuck Graham on page 52.

Or maybe you are dealing with strange of a different sort. Has your usually energetic bearded dragon come down with something unsavory? Check out herp veterinarian Len Donato’s article on beardie health on page 44 and see what you can do to help your pet get back to normal.

Looking to get your weird on? Expo season is now upon us. Check out all the great events on page 58 and find one close to home. You might just see me there.