January 2011 Editor's Note

Breeder ads and more on ReptileChannel.com!

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As regular readers know, REPTILES magazine has a companion website called ReptileChannel.com. There, you can always find tons of reptile- and amphibian-related information — everything from full-length articles and species profiles to online forums, health articles, kids’ stuff and lots more. It’s the reptile destination on the Web, and I believe we already offer the largest variety of reptile information you’ll find anywhere online. The site’s care sheets are especially popular. Top breeders write them for us: leopard geckos by Ron Tremper, ball pythons by Kevin McCurley, crested geckos by Allen Repashy and Philippe de Vosjoli, Burmese pythons by Bob Clark, leopard tortoises by Jerry Fife, dart frogs by Patrick Nabors, and so on.

Reptile breeder classifieds are now available on ReptileChannel, too (on the home page, click on “Reptiles for Sale”). Anyone looking to buy an animal or who has live animals to sell, or reptile products or services, should definitely take advantage of the inexpensive classified ads. For sellers, a mere $16.95 per month (or less, depending on how many months you want to purchase at a time) can get you literally dozens of ads spread across myriad categories. Each ad can contain multiple photos, icons and other information to make selling easier than ever!


If you want to buy a herp, or you have animals for sale, be sure to take advantage of the online classifieds at ReptileChannel.com!