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Indiana Reptile Senate Bill 280

S. 280 would regulate reptiles in Indiana.

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An Indiana state Senator introduced on Jan. 11, 2010, a measure that seeks to regulate the state’s exotic reptile trade.

Senate Bill 280, introduced by Senator Jim Arnold, would require a person who sells at least six “exotic reptiles” in one calendar year to obtain a state permit. In addition, the proposed measure provides penalties for releasing “exotic animals” into the wild.


An “exotic reptile” is defined as a reptile that is not native to Indiana or has been rooted out from Indiana and is either a wild reptile or feral reptile. An “exotic animal” is defined as an animal that is not native to Indiana or extirpated from Indiana and is either a wild animal or feral animal that is not a cat or dog.

If approved, Senate Bill 280 would make it a misdemeanor to sell an exotic reptile without a permit issued by the state department of natural resources. Permits would be valid for one year and fees would be determined by the department. The bill mandates that permit fees not exceed $50.

SB 280 would also make it a misdemeanor to release an exotic animal into the wild without legal authorization or a permit issued by the department of natural resources. Violators would be subject to fines of up to $2,500.

SB 280 currently sits in the Senate Committee on Corrections, Criminal & Civil Matters where it awaits its first committee hearing.

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