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Feed Your Fire-Bellied Toads The Right Foods

The oriental fire bellied toad can eat a diet of crickets and waxworms.

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Adult  oriental fire-bellied toads eat a diet of three- to four-week-old commercially raised crickets. To gauge the right size prey, make sure the length of each cricket is no greater than the width of the frog’s head. Baby fire-bellied toads can be raised on fruit flies or pinhead to week-old crickets.

Adult fire-bellied toads accept a variety of other prey, including small waxworms and earthworms. They even learn to take nonliving food, such as strips of raw beef or fish, from tweezers. You need to supplement your frog’s diet twice a week by lightly dusting food with a reptile vitamin-mineral powder that contains calcium. Failure to supplement the diet—particularly with calcium—can result in metabolic bone disease.


Excerpt from Popular Amphibians, part of the Advanced Vivarium Systems series with permission from its publisher, BowTie Press, a division of BowTie Inc. Purchase Popular Amphibians here.