Chiricahua Desert Museum Photo Contest

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Chiricahua Desert Museum Photo Contest

The Chiricahua Desert Museum is hosting a wildlife photo contest.

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The Chiricahua Desert Museum in Rodeo, New Mexico, announced its photo contest recently. The museum is home to several reptile exhibits – including rare and endangered species – and features a large art collection. Contest rules are as follows.

A. The contest is open to all attendees of the Chiricahua Desert Museum. Please submit the best examples of your photography in each category taken within a 25 mile radius of the museum. There is no charge to enter. Prizes will be awarded to the winners in each of the six categories. In addition, a “Best of Show” photo will be chosen from all the entries. Color and/or black and white pictures are acceptable.


B. All photos submitted must be 10 inches or more in at least one dimension. Entries may be matted, foam-cored, framed or displayed in any format preferred. Stiff backings on photos are encouraged, but not necessary. Only the photographer of each image may enter the contest. All entries must be previously unpublished. Contestants may submit photos that have been displayed on websites, unless they were paid for their work.

C. The following six categories will be open for judging:

• Night sky (Images in this category must be taken using a camera or telescope based within 25 miles of the museum.)
• Native flora (e.g., cacti and wildflowers)
• Landscapes
• Native wildlife/mammals
• Native wildlife/reptiles and amphibians
• Native wildlife/birds

D. Each contestant may submit up to two images in each of the six categories.

E. The judging emphasis will be on the visual impact of the image (how memorable it is), the difficulty factor of getting it, the fascination and sheer beauty of the subject shown, and the shot's overall artistic appeal.


F. Complete and sign a copy of the photo entry form for each of your entries and affix it to the back of the photograph. Entries without this form will not be considered.

G. All entrants will retain copyright to their images; however, images may be used in a publication or website to promote the photo contest in the future and the Chiricahua Desert Museum itself. The photographer must agree to allow the Chiricahua Desert Museum to use photos for these purposes or they will not be considered.

H. Important dates:

All entries must be received at the museum by April 23, 2010, at 5:00 p.m. MDT.
• All entries will be on exhibit at the museum from April 24, 2010, through May 13, 2010.
• The winner of each category will be announced at a special evening party at the museum on May 13, 2010, at 6:30 p.m. Party guests will be invited to vote for the “Best of Show” photo from amongst each of the category winners.
• All photos must be picked up from the museum by May 16, 2010.


I. Prizes for each category include a $25 dollar gift certificate and an individual membership to the Chiricahua Desert Museum (a $25 dollar value)

J. The prize for the “Best of Show” winner will be a $200 dollar gift certificate!

The Chiricahua Desert Museum Photo Entry Form