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Snake With Rat Bite

Q. I’ve had my female ball python for six years. I’ve fed her live rats since she was big enough to need them and have never had a [...]

Chameleon Foot Swollen

Half of my chameleon's foot is swollen, and sometimes he can't close it all the way. Can you tell me if there is anything wrong with him? [...]

Lizard With Metabolic Bone Disease

My bearded dragon will not move at all. When it does move, it can only move its front legs. What is wrong? [...]

Pet Reptile Attacked By Another Animal

Our lizard is not eating after being bit by another animal. What can we do? [...]

Diagnosing A Lizard With A Swollen Eye

A swollen eye in a reptile can be caused by bacterial or fungal infections, trauma, parasitic problems, or many other things. [...]

Gopher Snake Not Eating

My gopher snake doesn't eat much, and sometimes he strikes at food and misses. [...]

Snake Skin Peel And Vitamin C Deficiency

My reptile had scale rot and now the skin peels off to the muscle. What is wrong? [...]

Lizard Metabolic Bone Disease Duration

Is metabolic bone disease permanent in lizards? Is there a way to treat it? [...]

Iguana Coloration

Should you be able to see through the dewlap of a green iguana? [...]

Ball Python Snake Underbelly Redness

I have noticed recently that the underside of my ball python at about halfway down (from the middle of her body to her tail) has a reddish tint to it. [...]

Anorectic Gecko Lizard

Margaret A. Wissman explains why an albino leopard gecko might not be feeding regularly. [...]

Gecko Lizard Diagnosed With Cryptosporidiosis

Is there a cure for my reptile's ailment? I'd like a second opinion. [...]

Lizard Mouth Sores

My fat-tailed gecko lizard has had sores around his mouth, and they have been creeping up toward his nose for several months now. What is wrong? [...]

Green Anole With Lumps Around Ears

Another case of a green anole lizard with lumps around the ears. [...]
1 5 6 7161 / 161 POSTS