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Lizard With Soft Stool

My reptile's stool is sort of soft. Is this a problem? And if so, what can I do about it? [...]

Lizard With Swollen Jaw And Leg, Losing Weight

My reptile looks like it has renal failure. Is there anything that i can do to help him get better? [...]

Reptile Calcium Deficiency

My reptile has been diagnosed with a swollen mouth and throat, and a calcium deficiency. [...]

Herp Spinal Injury

My lizard took a leap from my hands and landed on the floor about 3 feet below. He seemed fine; however, when I put him back into his tank, he was dra [...]

Hypocalcemic Herp

My lizard has many problems after a fall. What is wrong with it? [...]

Donating Herps For Research

My daughter's lizard recently died. She is storing it in a plastic bag in the freezer. Can we donate it for research and to whom? [...]

My lizard has not eaten since I got her, and she also has a bottlejaw, which I think is from hypoproteinemia due to parasites. Can you help?

I am a veterinary student from South Africa and a keen reptile hobbyist. I am battling to find information on protein deficiency in bearded dragons [...]

Herp Everted Hemipenis

I noticed my lizard has a large bump on his underside near where the tail connects to his body. [...]

Screaming Lizard

Today I picked up my reptile and she started screaming and when I put her down she kept screaming and running around and twisting her body. What could [...]

Swollen Chameleon Eye

I take good care of my lizard. Any ideas on what causes his eye to be swollen? [...]

Ball Python Blister Disease

My ball python's belly appears to have blisters and orange dots. Is this blister disease? [...]

Help: Prolapsed Hemipenis In Snake

What causes, and how do you treat, a prolapsed hemipenis in a snake? [...]

Snake Virus Paramyxovirus

I had a 5-month-old ball python that has died of, I’ve been told, “parvo mixa.” I cannot find any information on this disease. Pl [...]

Garter Snake Won't Drink

Young albino garter snake won't drink and spits clear fluid. [...]

Dried Out Turtle Shell

I will try to help you with your box turtle. I don’t have a lot to go on, but my suspicion is that the water soaking isn’t causing the [...]

Gasping Reptile

It looks like my red-eared slider is stretching out her neck and trying to swallow like she has something stuck in her throat. She holds her front [...]

Herp Lacking Vitamin A

I bought a baby turtle a month ago. She has been doing fine until today when I noticed that her eyes are not shining as usual. Her eyelids are somehow [...]
Map Turtle Sneezing

Map Turtle Sneezing

I recently bought two map turtles – a yellow -belliedy map turtle and a false map turtle. My false map turtle has been breathing through its [...]
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