Breeder’s Choice – Super Stripe Boa

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Breeder’s Choice – Super Stripe Boa

Super Stripe Boa (Boa constrictor imperator)

Huge Crocodilian Lived Alongside Titanoboa, The World's Largest Snake In Colombia
January 2009 Editor's Note
Herper Headshotz – Allen Repashy

Submitted By:

Anthony LeCompte


Conley Herps Inc.

Breeders Comments

“This super stripe male was produced in 2006, and it shows the typical symmetrical divided stripe that runs along 90 percent of the snake. Our super stripes were produced from a heterozygous pair: a male likely collected somewhere along the Yucatan Peninsula and a Colombian female. The super stripe acts as a recessive trait; however, the heterozygous animals may be radically aberrant themselves. Super stripe boas are highly variable in color and pattern, but most are simply stunning.”