Breeder’s Choice – Hypo-Translucent Bearded Dragon

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Breeder’s Choice – Hypo-Translucent Bearded Dragon

Super Citrus Hypo-Translucent Bearded Dragon (Pogona vitticeps)

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Submitted By:

Mark Romansky


Moonstone Dragons

BREEDER COMMENTS: “Stardust, a super citrus hypo-translucent female bearded dragon, won Best in Show at the Rocky Mountain Reptile Expo in January 2009. I was very excited about that since the RMRE was my first reptile show as a breeder. Stardust just glows when the light hits her, and her color continues to grow more bright and bold with each shed. Her parents were both double hets. Her mother was super citrus, and her father was a patternless gold. Stardust will be used for breeding.”