2009 REPTILES Article Index

An index of all the articles that appeared in REPTILES magazine during the year 2009.

In Pursuit Of Antivenom
May 2008 Editor's Note
Reptiles Magazine 1109


• Precious Chelonian (golden thread turtle)
• The Essential Iguana (rhinoceros iguana)
• Herps Craved & Engraved (herp-themed memorabilia)
• 2008 REPTILES  Article Index  
• The Lizard King Author Speaks!
• Color Explosion (leopard gecko)
• Vivid and Vigorous (western painted turtle)
• Red-Tail Allure (boa constrictor)
• Last Chance (mountain chicken frog conservation)
• King-Size Gecko (giant day gecko)
• Turtles for Tenderfoots
• Herp House Hunting 
• How to Create the Perfect Aquatic Turtle Enclosure
• All Hail the King (California kingsnake)
• Clawing to the Top (Silurana species)
• The Rotten Three (mouth, shell and scale rot)
• Catching Wavelengths
• Lovin’ the Blues (blue-tongued skink)
• Spurred Samsons (sulcata tortoise)
• 6 for Success (herp ownership tips)
• Tremendous Treehouse (arboreal boid vivarium)
• Island Giants (New Caledonian giant gecko)
• Urban Dinosaurs (water monitor)
• “Black Box” Medicine (vet visits)
• Best Foot Forward (red- and yellow-footed tortoises)
• Good as Gold (golden Greek tortoise)
• The Eye Inside (endoscopy) 
• Supplement Wisely
• Frills Included (frilled dragon)
• Hibernation A to Zzzz
• “Drawn to” REPTILES art contest winners 
• Prized Python (Angolan python)
• Fiercely Misunderstood (tokay gecko)
• 10 Steps to the Tropics (build poison frog terraria)
• Tropical Honeymoon (Costa Rica herping)
• Magic Carpet (carpet chameleon)
• Labrador of Lizards (bearded dragon)
• Underbrush Allure (Texas herping) 
• Marked for Popularity (spotted turtle)
• Handsome Gargoyles (gargoyle gecko)
• Legendary Leviathan (green anaconda)
• Resilient Beauty (alpine newt)
• Join the Reptile Nation
• Up-and-Coming Gecko (fat-tailed gecko)
• Going Green (green iguana)

Breeder's Choice

January: Extreme ghost Honduran milk snake
February: Firewater leopard geckos
March: Pastel boa constrictor
April: Ghost Colombian rainbow boa
May: Bearded dragon twins
June: Terrazzo corn snake
July: High-color red-footed tortoise
August: Superconda western hognose snake
September: Axanthic spider ball python
October: Southern leaf-tailed gecko
November: Extreme-red albino western hognose snake
December: Leucistic gray-banded kingsnake

Herpers' Most Wanted

January: Russian tortoise
February: Corn snake
March: Green anole
April: Eastern newt
May: Gray-banded kingsnake
June: Red-eared slider
July: Pancake tortoise
August: White's treefrog
September: Rough green snake
October: Eastern box turtle
November: Ball python
December: Tiger salamander

Herpetological Queries

January: Live Fast, Die Young;   Chigger Collection.
February: Shoo, Fly; All About Color.
March: Picture Worries, Bloodsucker Inquest.
April: Safe Passage or Passing Saved.
May: Poison vs. Venom, Cost Counts.
June: Color Quandary, Mistaken Identity, A Hefty Pet.
July: Tough Boundaries, Plastron Perspective.
August: Sales Pressure, Tied up With a Ribbon.
September: The Scoop on Poop, Price Hunting.
October: Shipping Snakes, Road Ruse.
November: Once Bitten.
December: ReptileChannel.com/Herp QueriesDec.

Into the Wild

January: Herper's Paradise: A Belize adventure yields 48 herp species.
February: Chorus Frog Quest: A longtime herper hunts for what was once common.

Living With Reptiles

January: The Reptile Guy: An Idahoan's passion has given him an audience.
February: Pirate's Fight: An Ohioan revives a scraggly bearded dragon.
March: Ideal Iguana: Zelda sustains a New York family's tradition.
April: Dancing Phenom: This turtle comes when it's called and does the twist in Minnesota.
May: Freed Turtles: A Texan turtlekeeper thinks outside the box.
June: Frugal Fix: An Arkansas couple creates a turtle enclosure on a budget.
July: Shelled Inheritance: Californians accept a pet transcending generations.
August: Alligator Man: A New York herpkeeper goes public with his pets.
September: Rhino Romp: A New York woman connects with her iguanas.
October: Dinner Becomes Miracle Whip: A Kentuckian hunts for a missing corn snake.
November: Toad-ly Hooked: Herps have been in this Iowan's life for decades.
December: Towel Trouble: Quick wits save a python from a stomachache. 

Repti-Gear Buyers Guides

March: Caging.
May: Lighting.
August: Diets and supplements.
September: Cage décor.
November: Holiday gift guide.

Reptile Retailer Spotlight

January: House of Reptiles, Tigard, Ore.
February: Herp Hobby Shop, Oldsmar, Fla.
March: Scales 'N Tails, surrounding Denver, Colo.
April: Critter Barn, Knoxville, Tenn.
May: Ron's Reptiles, Chico, Calif.
June: Wildside Pets, Mesa, Ariz.
July: Pet Kingdom, San Diego, Calif.
August: Glades Herp Farm,Bushnell, Fla.
September: Zoo Creatures, Plaistow, N.H.
October: South Bay and Live Cargo, surrounding San Diego, Calif.
November: Snakes at Sunset, Miami, Fla.
December: Jungle Bob's Reptile World, Centereach, N.Y.

The Breeder's Notebook

January: Difficult Devil: Breeding Cranwell's horned frog is a challenge.
February: Spot On: Spotted turtles are easy to breed outside.
March: Multibanded Beauties: Breed Honduran milk snakes.
April: Tough but Worthy: Breeding green water dragons is a challenge.
May: Anything but Bland: Multiply the Blanding's turtle, a disappearing species.
June: Patterned Paragon: Breed the leopard tortoise.
July: Go Long: How to breed the elongated tortoise.
August: Reproducing a Rainbow: Learn how to breed panther chameleons.
September: Shining Star: Breed the radiant Indian star tortoise.
October: Tremper's Method: Learn to breed leopard geckos from a legend.
November: Desert Jewel: Breeding Mali uromastyx.
December: Designer Dragons: Hatch a colorful bearded dragon.

Veterinarian Q&A

January: Shop of Horror, Soft-Shelled Slider.
February: Lizard Lump, Anole Mystery.
March: Ear Spots, He-She's Bleeding.
April: Is It IBDV?, Mouthy Monitor.
May: Bloody Scales, Deformed Rear Scute.
June: Snake Lump.
July: Constipated Sulcata.
August: RoboCroc.
September: Scabby Snout, Eye Issues.
October: Monocle Eye, Suspect Diet.
November: Cold as Dry Ice.
December: Neglected Monitor.

Who's Who in REPTILES

January: Steven Spitz: This clever entrepreneur has a passion for teaching.
February: Paul Freed: Research and photography fuel his travels.
March: Bill Love: His adventures are as colorful as his shirts.
April: Paul Benson: He went from rocket science to reptiles.
May: Margaret Wissman: This vet is a dedicated student and teacher.
June: Bob Applegate: This pioneer is part entrepreneur and part adventurer.
July: Ray Ashton: This can-do conservationist has led the charge to help many.
August: Chad Brown: He tackles quarterbacks and reptile breeding challenges.
September: Terry Phillip: An alligator wrestler turns reptile curator.
October: Carel Brest van Kempen: An artist portrays the wildlife.
November: Andrew Wyatt: This activist formed the Reptile Nation.  REPTILES