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Woman Posts Photo Of Copperhead On Facebook After It Bit Her And Asks If It Is "Poisonous"

The copperhead was killed by the woman's husband.

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A North Carolina woman who got bit by a venomous copperhead snake  (Agkistrodon contortrix mokasen) later posted a photo onto Facebook asking if the snake was “poisonous” and the responses were a resounding yes, according to a news report in the Charlotte Observer.

“This snake just bit me. Hurts! Is it poisonous????” she wrote on Facebook.


YES! people responded.

Lisa Romanoff was taking recyclables out to her recycle bin when she stepped over the reptile while wearing a pair of flip flops and the snake bit her on her heel.

“I felt a sting. I took two steps to the driveway and I was immediately hopping on one foot, and blood was coming from my foot,” Romanoff told the Charlotte Observer. “Then, I turned and saw a snake and started screaming.”

She was then transported to an area hospital where doctors there determined that only one fang entered her heel. Her foot swelled to three times its normal size, and the pain was “excruciating” after three hours.

Rather than get her on antivenin, the doctor who treated her elevated her leg.


“My treatment is ‘aggressive elevation.’ Have to keep my leg straight and elevated above my heart so the venom doesn’t pool in places like behind my knee,” she wrote on Facebook.

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She has since warned others on the social media site to be aware of their surroundings.


“Many more (snake bites) this year due to all the rain,” she wrote on Facebook Sunday. “Copperheads typically come out at night to find warm spots — which is exactly what happened in my case.”