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Watch These Two Handle an Angry 12-Foot King Cobra

A king cobra set to go on exhibit doesn't want to be messed with.

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I don’t watch a whole lot of Animal Planet, but this video popped up on my Facebook feed. It shows Kevin Torregrosa, collection manager, herpetology at the Wildlife Conservation Society,  and a colleague work to remove a 12-foot king cobra (Ophiophagus hannah) from its temporary enclosure so they move him to his exhibit.  It is part of Animal Planet's new series called The Zoo.


Herpetologist Kevin Torregrosa works with a king cobra in an effort to move him to his exhibit.

Torregrosa and his colleague work in tandem in an attempt to move the reptile, but it first doesn’t work out that well. 

The problem, Torregrosa says, is the snake is so big and the room where the snake is located is so small. The snake keeps cutting them off as they attempt to maneuver to get a handle on it. So after a few attempts, they move the enclosure to the floor and finally get the snake in the bag so they can move him. 


It is a very interesting showing of how herpetologists work with big venomous snakes.