Video Shows Huge Alligator Chomping Down A Much Smaller Gator

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Video Shows Huge Alligator Chomping Down A Much Smaller Gator

Small alligator falls victim to a much larger model.

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In a classic case of survival of the fittest, or perhaps the hungriest, a massive American alligator (Alligator mississippiensis) in Florida was seen chomping down on a much smaller gator and Alex Figueroa of Circle B Bar Reserve decided to record the encounter on video.


When he first starts shooting, the huge alligator is in the swamp, chomping down on the much smaller alligator. It then moves out of the swamp as onlookers are going crazy with their cameras, the digital shutters firing off (obviously in an effort to get at least one decent photo of the feast) like a machine gun. 

The alligator seems oblivious to the humans around it, and continues to chomp down on its victim. Then the video ends, with one of the folks saying, “He’s massive.”

Of all the states in the United States, Florida must rank up their with Australia when it comes to instacrazy videos of animals. Would you agree?