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Video Shows Bearded Dragon Chasing Cat Toy

In addition to appearing hungry, the bearded dragon's tail looks shriveled up.

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In what appears to be behavior not normal for a bearded dragon (Pogona vitticeps), a video on Facebook shows a bearded dragon chasing a cat toy in circles as its keeper moves the toy around the carpet. The beardie is probably hungry, which is probably why it is chasing the toy in the first place. The tail of this dragon also looks tweaked, as it is shriveled, like stick tail disease in a leopard gecko. 



My bearded dragon loves cat toys.

Posted by Amazing Things in the World on Sunday, September 13, 2015

While some in social media may find this cute or funny, there is something obviously wrong with this beardie, being hungry is probably the first thing on the list. Hopefully if the keeper hasn’t yet, it will get that tail checked out.

Bearded dragons might be the most popular pet lizard in the hobby. They are generally quite docile, and are easier to handle than other lizards. They are native to Australia, though virtually all the bearded dragons in the hobby today are captive bred.