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Video: Cat Plays With Snake Caught in Toad’s Mouth

The snake is doomed from both sides.

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The video is a bit disturbing as it shows a cat toying with a snake that is about to be a meal for a big toad. The video was uploaded to LiveLeak and it appears was recorded in Thailand.


There isn’t much information about the animals in the video, other than what is shown. The toad appears to have swallowed down a good portion of the snake, and the cat seemingly doesn’t have any interest in the toad, but wants to play with the snake as the snake meets its doom.

The cat goes after the snake and cautiously takes a few swipes at the head of the snake, while the toad just sits there, seemingly oblivious to the cat’s interaction with its prey. 

The snake is in some serious trouble from both sides. The video ends with the toad grabbing even more of the snake as it continues to swallow it down.