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Video: Aussie Snake Catcher Happens On Small-eyed Snake Eating Another Snake

Australian snake catcher records a snake eating another snake.

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Australia is taking the honors this week with yet another interesting observation. This time, Toowoomba Snake Catchers of Queensland was called in to clear a snake from a garage.



This is amazing. Cannibal small eyed snake eating another small eyed snake

Posted by Toowoomba Snake Catchers 24/7 on Sunday, February 7, 2016

When the snake catcher arrived to remove the reptile, the snake, a venomous small eyed snake (Rhinoplocephalus nigrescens) was in the process of eating a smaller small eyed snake, and snake catcher Dave, after removing the snakes from an entanglement on the floor of the garage, placed the snake in a more open space so he could record the encounter. He opines in the video that it is common for certain species of snakes to eat other snakes, but what is not uncommon is actually recording such an encounter. 

The small-eyed snake is dark gray to black in coloration and is native to eastern Australia, from Queensland to Victoria. A nocturnal snake, it feeds on other snakes, small lizards, reptile eggs, and skinks. It can be found in rain forests, eucalyptus forests and agricultural and grazing lands. It is also common in Brisbane. They can grow to about 1 meter in length.