Tiny Rat Snake Freed From Glue Trap With Butter

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Tiny Rat Snake Freed From Glue Trap With Butter

Another reason why glue traps are inhumane.

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A juvenile rat snake that got stuck in a glue trap was rescued by an animal control officer with the Portsmouth, VA police department who used butter to free the little reptile. Residents of a home in the city discovered the rat snake stuck to the glue trap and called the police department, which dispatched Animal Control Officers McLeod and Quintana to the scene, according to the department's Facebook page. They brought the snake back to the station where they successfully used butter to carefully remove the snake from the glue trap. 


In addition to butter, you can safely use vegetable oils and olive oils to safely remove reptiles that are stuck in glue traps. Smooth peanut butter apparently works as well. Just a friendly reminder that glue traps capture virtually everything that steps in the trap. There are more humane remedies to rid your home of unwanted critters. Glue traps aren’t it.