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Tale of 10-Foot Snake on the Loose in Maine Grows

The latest is a snake shed measuring around 10 feet in length was discovered near the boat launch at Riverbank Park.

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The tale (or tail) of a very large snake on the loose in Westbrook, ME has grown since the Westbrook Maine Police Department posted a “legitimate report concerning a very large snake” on its Facebook page June 23.

The snake, named “Wessie” or "the Presumpscot River Python" was first reported to have a head the size of a small ball, and was laying on the riverbank behind a playground. The initial Facebook post by the police department had quite a few comments, with some saying that they won’t walk the Riverbank Park until the snake is found, to arguments about the original post (the snake initially had a head the size of a soccer ball, but was changed to the size of a small ball.


Back in June, there were no confirmed sighting of Wessie, but August 23, Earl White, a Westbrook, Maine public works employee said that he witnessed the reptile swimming across the river and even took a photo of the said reptile with his cell phone.

“I must have scared it, and it took off across the river,” White told the Boston Globe. He reasserted his belief that what he saw was indeed a snake.

“It was a snake,” White said. “His head was about as big as a rear view mirror on a small car.”

White’s claim was somewhat bolstered when a shed of a snake that was roughly 10 feet in length was found Saturday near the Riverbank Park boat launch. Is Wessie a legitimate snake? Or is Wessie right up there with the green anaconda that was allegedly swimming in New Jersey’s Lake Hopatcong back in 2014? Time will eventually tell. We will keep you updated on this important development of a 10 ft. (or is it 15 ft.?)  snake allegedly roaming the Riverbank Park in Maine.