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Scottsdale, AZ Firefighters Capture Third Large Constricting Snake in a Month

Fire officials speculate that someone is releasing the reptiles.

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If you live in Scottsdale, AZ or anywhere for that matter and can no longer care for your large reptiles, don’t release them. There are plenty of reptile rescues that can help you out. If you keep large  constricting snakes, please make sure that your enclosures are secure so they can't escape.

The Scottsdale, AZ Fire Department has been called out to retrieve three large constricting snakes in one month and fire officials are speculating that someone may have let two of them go. Two 9-foot long albino Burmese pythons and a 7-foot red-tailed boa constrictor were all found in the same Scottsdale  neighborhood. After the firefighters captured the snakes, two were turned over to the Phoenix Herpetological Society. One was claimed by its owner.



"We don't know if someone has nearly abandoned them because they couldn't take care of them anymore possibly they have just escaped from a cage that was not secure enough to house this type of thing," Danielle Marchand, Executive Curator of the Phoenix Herpetological Society told Fox10 Phoenix.

Hopefully these snakes escaped their enclosure and the owners will claim them. 

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