REPTILES Facebook Giveaway


REPTILES Facebook Giveaway

Free REPTILES magazine subscription for Facebook Fans!

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Every month, REPTILES Editor Russ Case chooses one REPTILES Facebook fan to receive a FREE one-year subscription (6 issues) to REPTILES magazine!




There are only three rules to be eligible:

1. Must have an account on Create an account here.


2. You must "Like" REPTILES on Facebook.

3. You must be a U.S. resident.

To enter the raffle, do this:

Wait for the monthly raffle to be announced on the REPTILES Facebook page. It will contain the deadline to enter. After the announcement and deadline are posted, send an email, one per person, to type "[Month of raffle] Free Sub," or words to that effect, in your email's subject line.




The body of your email must contain your name, mailing address and email address. It must also mention whether or not you already subscribe to REPTILES. This is because if you do, an additional year will be added to your existing subscription for free if you win the raffle.


Submissions that do not include the requested information will not be eligible to win the raffle.



If you prefer to give the free subscription as a gift should you win, indicate this in your email, and provide the required information (name, address, email address, whether or not a subscriber already) for the person receiving the subscription.

Each month, soon after the deadline, one winner is chosen at random and notified via email. Soon after, REPTILES magazine will be on its way! It's simple to enter, you get a shot at winning every month, and you're allowed to win more than once, too. Enter as many monthly raffles as you want!

This is just one of the contests REPTILES Facebook fans get to enjoy. Other raffles and giveaways are not uncommon, and there's always a lot of reptile-related info being shared, so remember to Like REPTILES on Facebook, and tell your reptile-loving friends and family to do so, too!