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Puma Releases Coral Snake Inspired Shoes

Want a new pair of kicks to show at the next reptile expo?

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A designer for Alife must like the look of the coral snake, as its coloration appears on the latest collaboration with Puma, that cat shoe company. 

The snake’s coloration runs in Puma’s trademarked stripe that is seen in all Puma shoes and even has the coloration on the heel tab. The sneaker uppers are grey suede while the soles are bright white. 


It is actually quite common that shoe company’s look to reptiles for inspiration in their designs. Last year Nike introduced a pair of Nike Air Force One shoes that apparently features real python skin on the upper. Manolo Blahnik snakeskin shoes were seized by the U.S. government three years ago and the government wants to keep them off the market. And Puma last released a pair of snake-inspired shoes for the Year of the Snake, which last took place in 2013. 

So let us know. Would you buy and wear the new coral snake inspired shoes from Puma? Or would you buy the shoes and add them to your collection? Don't you think that these would be killer shoes to wear at the next reptile expo?